A Road Paved With Thorns

On February the 2nd,2017,after long and frequent consultations with my endocrinologist,I was put on liquid levothyroxine 25mcg with no blood tests prior to starting taking medication.Just a TSH as you all probably know. I have to admit the medication worked wonders for me,or so it felt. The lump in my throat was almost gone,I could [...]


Autism Parenthood and Crashed Adrenals Don’t Blend Well

  I have three noteworthy issues. The first is that I am an aspie. The second one is that I am an aspie bringing up two kids in the spectrum and the third one is that I have depleted my adrenal glands. What’s worse,these three issues don’t appear to have a meeting indicate instead,they appear [...]

Breathing Exercises That Are working For Me

  I don't know what I have been fighting all those years: Adrenal insufficiency or the excessive stress and panic attacks that were hitting me out of the blue like a surging wave. There is a point that the two conditions are becoming one and the line that separates them becomes blur and you don't [...]

Be Happy Therapy

The secret in adrenal fatigue treatment is just two words : Be Happy. If you aren't happy,your adrenals will never heal. In order to achieve that you need lots and lots of sleep. Hours,if not entire days.Considering the lack of sleep you have been experiencing for a certain length of time,depending on the stage of [...]