About Me



I am Irme. I am an independent translator,a painter and a mom to two fantastic boys in the spectrum.I am also a DIY fan,an art& crafts enthusiast and an avid reader. I love animals,especially stray dogs and I advocate for them.I support green living and I am a vegan. I am also a chronic adrenal fatigue sufferer and an H-pylori patient.

In 1992 I had caught a nasty strain of viral flu which kept me in bed for a month. That was a long time for a flu but doctors said it was quite normal. One of the very first symptoms I had suffered was chest tightness,numbness in limbs and fatigue. Unbelievable fatigue. I was 23 years old and I couldn’t go up a staircase. But I trusted in the doctors that were treating me who were so assured that it was just a cold. In the meantime my condition progressed to extreme fatigue,memory loss,hair thinning and severe constant panic to the point I thought I’d be losing my mind. At the same time,I had problems with my digestive system and I was totally unable to get up on my feet if I wasn’t assisted.

Late 80’s


That cold took eight years to recover from. And to be honest,I never actually recovered from that. I had reached a point that I was either waiting for a miracle to happen or to just die. I had lost everything that was important in my life,I had lost my ability to exist as an independent person.I was losing weight fast till I had reached 32 kilos .I had been tagged as bipolar,anorexic,depressed and all the known stuff that doctors use when they are absolutely clueless of what happens to their patients.My entire world had been limited to my bed. And I was just 23.That was no life for a human being.


In 2008


I don’t know how I recovered. Nor do the doctors who claimed that were treating me.The issue is that by 1999 I could move around in the house and by 2000 I had attempted to go out to the world and start working again. I enrolled to a pottery class and I pretended that I could move on with my life that was brought to a halt ten years ago.

In 2004 and 2006 respectively my sons were born.



With my second son during the 2002-2010 feelgood interval


In 2009 I divorced. That came as a no surprise to be honest.

In 2010 we moved to a suburb with mean people. Really mean people to my boys and me. I was under severe stress but never crossed my mind that that could happen to me again.I say that,because the unknown is usually unnamed and with the disadvantage that you cannot fix what you don’t know,in my case the undiagnosed. My past condition remained unidentified by the MD’s and shoved under the rug by a large part of my family

In 2012 I had one of the wake-up signs but I could or would not identify it.Even though I was a vegan since I was 14 and I always had the right weight,if not underweight,I suddenly had a spike in my blood pressure. Totally out of the blue. By 2013 I had gained 22 kilos. The more weight I gained the more I was working out and I was still gaining weight.I was asking the doctors why was that since my diet was unchanged but they shrugged and they told me that it must be perimenopause. 

Indeed signs of perimenopause showed up by end of 2013. Suddenly my period disappeared . By that time i already had trouble sleeping and/or remaining asleep. I was waking up at 1am not being able to go back to sleep,tossing and turning in the bed.Anxiety was settling in and there was a general sense that I was reaching my limits. But that was just the beginning

In 2014,December,I felt a sudden upper abdomen tightness and I couldn’t breath.Doctors said it is in my head and that I was stressed and that I should relax. In february 2015 I fell sick with the flu and  after a month I still hadn’t recovered. It was February 21st when i suddenly felt awful,like a buzzing noise in the left side of my head,I couldn’t bend or stand up,my head was heavy with this buzzing noise like a broken circuit,I don’t know how to describe it. I took pulse and it came back with a reading of 32 beats per moment.I took it again,same.The very same afternoon I visited the cardio and she told me that the readings were wrong and she prescribed hypertension medication which lowered my blood pressure to a dramatic 7/4.

By March same year,I was going down really fast. My body was shutting down. I had visited 9 doctors and they kept saying that I was fine and that it was in my head,suggesting I should take antidepressants which I refused to take.In July I had severe panic attacks ‘.I was experiencing face numbness and shooting pains all over.In August I had severe heart disease signs,extra heart beats and arrythmias,severe dizziness and shortness of breath,severe cognitive impairment and by October I had ataxia. Seriously. By October I had already visited 26 doctors of every known specialty and had wasted 6,000 euros because they kept charging me for an  all-in-your-head diagnosis

I was convinced that it was my thyroid. In retrospective,all my convictions were correct. I made an appointment to a brilliant endo -or so people told me- she scanned my thyroid and said that it was perfect.  By November I had low B12 vitamin of 109 and high cholesterol of 290. Let me remind you that I am a vegan / vegeterian.

Meanwhile my body temperature had dropped to 33oC but I thought that the thermometer I was using was broken. Still MD”s diagnosed me as an all-in-my-head patient. In a word,a nutcase. Yet they kept charging me

Still there was no doctor in sight to run a serious blood test on me.End of November and I crashed in the waiting line inside a bank. People panicked because I was unresponsive. They called an ambulance,they drove me to a hospital where they treated me for the low B12 with an Articlox injection and they released me.

Along with the new year,2016,the hypoglycemia arrived. Yay! I was bouncing from lows to reactive unbelievable highs. Yet I was going undiagnosed.Then H-pylori joined the party.

And then a revelation happened: I realized that I was never healthy and that I never will be. Nor would I ever as I used to be,even with my crippled health. At least I was functioning. Now I wasn’t.And this time I didn’t want to die,I was waiting for a miracle to happen though. I still am. So are my kids.


I had started researching in February.I was convinced that it wasn’t all in my head.I have to thank all those persons that,without knowing that their posts in the health forums were helping me to solve the puzzle and stay alive,yet they made it happen.Every single one who was trying to find answers for their problem,was a valuable aid to mine. I am grateful for that.And that is why I am so passionate to help anyone that I can,even a little bit. In cases like ours,with our systems totally out of control and with mass symptoms of a huge range of conditions,every bit of information equals a month of good health. Or a day without suffering. A good night’s rest.

Disclaimer: If you reached this website in your quest for information about Adrenal Fatigue and the Recovery process,please bear in mind that you still need to consult a doctor,that you won’t find in this website substitutes of medical advice and that what has worked for me might not be working for you. It has happened to me,it can happen to you too. The content is based in my long and painful experience.

I wish you peace and good health.