Be Happy Therapy


The secret in adrenal fatigue treatment is just two words :

Be Happy.

If you aren’t happy,your adrenals will never heal. In order to achieve that you need lots and lots of sleep. Hours,if not entire days.Considering the lack of sleep you have been experiencing for a certain length of time,depending on the stage of exhaustion that you find yourself at,you need to both replace the lacking sleep and add some more to let yourself heal.

That can be translated to more than eight hours per day but it is doubtful if we can manage to to get a six hour rest considering the stressful lifestyle we are leading

In addition,there is an exceeding number of stressors in our lives,not to mention in the ambient we live that external stimuli are totally out of our control. For example, there is accumulated load of stress in the populated areas around airports caused by increased noise and pollutants in the atmosphere.

I happen to live nearby the airport.. Planes take off and land day and night. Especially at night time,I am wide awake at 2am and by 5am,when I feel that my eyelids are shutting and I am entering the zzz zone,I am forced to wake up from a loud engine noise right above my head

But there are some tricks that you can use if you want your adrenals to get better.

First of all,avoid thinking of yourself as a lazy person.You are not lazy,you are sick. Adrenals are just another organ in the body and organs can fail. Whether conventional medicine likes it or not. You aren’t lazy. You are just tired. And you need to sleep.

Limit the domestic stressors,such as chemicals and strong odors. Air your bedroom frequently and let some sunshine in. Try to keep the ambient friendly to your needs because an upside down room can add more stress on you.

Ask your children to help you with domestic chores.It will be a good thing for your them as well,to teach them responsibility .Also they will feel that they can play a great part in your journey to wellness and that alone will help them deal with the fact that mom or dad are not feeling well. But mostly it will allow you to get some extra rest that you need so desperately.

Speaking of which,try to get some sleep from 6am to 9am. I understand that it is exactly the time that you should get the children up from their beds,drive them to school and then head to workbut this is the best time to get an adrenal nurturing nap.

Avoid caffeine,nicotine,sugar and simple carbohydrates. It is the most repeated advice I have read since i have started my research and trust me,it works wonders. There are no cereals,breads and biscuits,colas or coffee in our kitchen anymore and I think my children have benefited from it too.

Change the music you listen to. Loud and fast beats like rock, pop etc,can add stress on your system that you don’t realize immediately but you will have to deal with later. Stress increases adrenaline levels which in its turn,affects the cardiac function. Once your heart starts beating abnormally it will add even more stress on your glands and so on. Opt for yoga or meditation music. It might not have the beat but it sure has the melody.

Spend more time with your pet. Pets have the amazing ability to understand what their humans need and they will do everything to comfort you and make you feel happy. They are an excellent companion that will never break your heart.

Spend more time in the sun and in your garden if you have one,and if you don’t have one,in your porch. Sunlight will help you with vitamin D,which regulates our mood among other things and gardening ,as a moderate exercise,will release endorphins.

Do what you always wanted to do and do not judge yourself harshly.


Sleep if you want to sleep,go for a walk if you feel like it but take it easy.

Painting will help you stay focused on the canvas rather than negative thoughts. Subscribe to a DIY blog and start crafting.

Even better,start tapping right before you go to bed. I discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) when I was at my very lows last year. It made an immense difference for me in the way I have been handling self image and social stress. I suggest you give it a try.

Ah and put more color in your life. Preferably,bluish and greenish soft tones that help spirituality. Avoid orange and reddish tones that are more aggressive and decrease creativity.

Stress accumulates in our bodies and we cannot rev the fact. We can though eliminate the future stressors and process creatively the past ones until they are no more harmful to our physical and mental health.After all,it is never too late to adopt a brand new attitude to life


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