10 Ways I Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Help My Adrenals Heal


We,who have been or still are in Stages 2 and 3, have developed various remedies according to what has been working for us and what not. But mostly,to what is not irritating or triggering the conditions that we have developed due to the fatigued adrenal glands. For me it was and still is H Pylori. Either it was a forgotten infection from the previous time I almost died from Adrenal Fatigue or a current one,as it found fertile ground to reside in a system that was breaking down,it had become a daily torture for me taxing my already shocked adrenal glands.

Eitherway ,it was a killer situation I was finding myself in and I had no clue what to start fixing first.

The topic is not H Pylori but how to prevent H Pylori to add more stress and workload on the already struggling adrenals with one of the most common ingredients we have in our kitchen

It is alkaline and works wonders for H Pylori. It eases the infection caused by the Helicobacterium, which loves acidic environments,so that your adrenals can start healing.And it is apple cider vinegar.

The first and most common use for me is to sprinkle to the salad. Occasionally I make a dressing for my salads,1 part olive oil and one part apple cider vinegar. I store it in a glass bottle in a cool place and use it on my green salads.

When I am feeling really flat out drained of energy I make myself a hot cup of energy tea. In a cup of hot water I mix one teaspoon apple cider vinegar with a teaspoon of raw honey and I sprinkle cinnamon. It literally brings me back to life.Just be careful not to have more than 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar unless you are sure it will not harm your stomach lining. Personally I am feeling good at 2 teaspoons 🙂

Also ,and if you have already developed an issue with your blood glucose,you can skip the raw honey and stick just to the hot water with the apple cider vinegar. It will do the job for you .

I got rid of chemicals on my skin by making my own mosquito repellent. I add 1/3 of a bottle apple cider vinegar,1/3 of a bottle witch hazel and a couple of drops citronella,I shake well and I apply on the skin.

I also got rid of my dog’s chemicals. Not only they are bad for her,they are also bad for me. Adrenal fatigue sufferers are very sensitive to chemical exposure.I spray her with a solution made of 1 part warm filter water and 1 part apple cider vinegar to help her with fleas. I spray her every time we go for a walk or when she is in our yard playing with our cats.I am very careful though not to spray close to the ears or in the eyes.

Meanwhile we discovered even more uses of apple cider vinegar:

Skin toner : Wipe the solution over your face
Fungus remover : Soak the infected toe in ACV
Hair conditioner:Rinse your hair with the 50-50 solution
Stop hiccups: With a teaspoon of ACV
Clear your nasal tunnel: Add a teaspoon ACV to a cup of water and rinse the passage
Eliminate dandruff: Rub your scalp with the 1-1 solution
Mouth wash:Gargle with water for 5 minutes.
With the same solution I disinfect the workbench in the kitchen and the knives I use especially for meat.Apple cider vinegar kills the parasites that inhibit our kitchen tops and cutting boards and we are totally unaware of it.

This miracle solution is an excellent odor remover. I spray my kids’ sneakers in the night to remove the cheesy smell they have after the gym.I also spray our dog’s sofa.

With what is left in the bottle I clean the windows. It is homemade,cheap and multi purposed and it doesn’t burden my adrenals with chemicals.

I started using apple cider vinegar mixed with baking soda and salt to clean blocked drains in my porch. I just mixed 1/3 cup salt with 1/3 cup baking soda and I poured to the mixture 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar. I left the mixture in the drain for an hour or so and then I flushed. Easy and chemical free.

What about you? Have you discovered more uses of apple cider vinegar?Leave your comments below!
Note: If you are using Mastic gum for H-Pylori,you should ask your doctor if you can combine both Mastic and Apple Cider Vinegar in your diet. Personally I never had a problem with either of the two but you should be careful not to have a flare up.I understand how frustrating can a flare up be,I have been there.



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